Who We Are

Not many married couples have the pleasure of working together day in and day out. We do, and we could not be more thankful.

Back when we were first married, I am not sure we knew what we were getting ourselves into. But 3 kids, 1 dog, 3 home office spaces, and nearly 1000 bridal couples later, we are still working together every day and loving it!

Through the years, we have invested our life into capturing the most special moments in the lives of our clients, creating authentic, emotional, and memorable films for them to treasure.

Constantly meeting the challenge of an evolving technical and creative industry has kept us on our toes and has continually pushed us to that next level in quality, service, and originality.

Carl is the Creative Director, he loves thinking he is in charge. Filming since the age of 14 & trained at U.S.C. Film School, he brings the vision behind Princess Bride.

Filming events, editing productions, meeting with clients, and inspiring our team is what he does best.

He is a real film buff and loves epic films with great soundtracks (including, of course, The Princess Bride!)

He loves being silly and playful with our kids and one more thing, he loves to eat! We joke around our house that his favorite word is BUFFET!

Sarah is the Client Manager, she really IS in charge! She highly values people and serving the needs of our clients well. Filming events, communicating with clients, running the office and quality control is what she does best.

She loves conversing with anyone, hearing people’s stories and their perspective.

She has been known to chat with strangers on airplanes for hours engaging in deep conversation about life.

She has a real love of Oreos and thinks the two best TV shows ever created are Parenthood and So You Think You Can Dance.

Ethan has been a part of the Princess Bride team for many years, & his primary work now is as both a Lead Cinematographer (& Second when needed).

He is a media producer in the corporate world as well, using his skills to bring support to companies and individuals.

Ethan is a family man (we knew him before he had a wife and 4 kiddos) and has a heart of gold. Just one example is last year, when he was a part of a bicycling team that trekked from Minneapolis to Duluth to raise money for charity.

In addition to filming as both a Lead Cinematographer (& Second when needed) for Princess Bride, Arleigh works at WCCO as a producer, creating pieces that you have probably seen on air.

Her passion for telling stories visually is evident in all her work. Arleigh makes everyone around her feel special and cared for.

She is a dedicated mother, compulsive iPhone picture taker, and an especially beautiful human being, both inside and out. You will love her friendly personality!

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