Life Stories

A Legacy Video Lasts For Generations...

One of life’s greatest treasures is to leave a legacy.

We believe that every single person’s life has great value.

The stories of life experiences passed down by the matriarch or patriarch of a family verbally can leave an immeasurable mark on the generations that follow.

We are passionate about documenting these narratives, thoughts and feelings in an authentic and personal way, ensuring the life stories of your loved ones are never forgotten.

Princess Bride Cinematic Videography specializes in family biography video, video biographies of individuals & couples, and legacy video interviews & films for special celebrations like an Anniversary, Family Reunion, Special Event or Party.

As visual entertainment, there is nothing more endearing than a Life Story shown on video for all your family to see!

Let us pass along your family’s story to the next generation.

Enjoy Our Introductory Video

“Without question, a priceless investment.

To have this Life Story video is more precious than any of us could have imagined. It is a history of our extended family narrated by our 5 beloved mothers, preserved forever. Sadly, we have since lost nearly all of our mothers, and are now, more than ever, so grateful to Carl & Sarah for giving us a memory that will never fade.–Nancy Kaplan Nathanson

Options include:

Life Story Interviews (from 45 to 120 minutes)

Short or Full Length Documentary Film (from 5 to 45 minutes)

Additional Interviews With Family Members

Photos and Music (to help tell the documentary story)

Every Day of Life is Precious. Let us Tell Your Family Story!

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